Founder: Rev. Audrey Hollis

Our founder, Reverend Audrey Hollis, was born in Greenville, Mississippi and has been active in ministry since 1978. After knocking doors and talking to people in the Ferguson neighborhood, Audrey got the idea of starting The United People Market, in an attempt to meet the needs to supply good/healthy food to the community. Audrey is passionate about not only food justice, but justice in all forms, such as; economic, workplace, social and racial. Audrey finds joy in working with others, like the team at United People, to make our communities a better place for all! Audrey has 14 grandchildren and 7 daughters, and loves to eat tomatoes and sweet potatoes.

Steve Hollis

Steve, husband of founder Rev. Audrey Hollis, and board secretary, is a St. Louis native that attended the University of Kansas in the 1960s. Steve was deeply educated and influenced by the Black Panther Party and Black Liberation Movement, the women's liberation movement, gay liberation movement, and anti-war movement of the time. Through study, he became a Marxist and decided to devote his life to the cause of working class power in our society - politically, economically, and culturally. Since 1972, Steve has spent much of his life serving as a rank-and-file union leader. Steve was President of AFGE Local 3354 for 32 years. He knew he wanted to be a part of the United People team after the Ferguson Rebellion Movement. Steve also knew that Rev. Hollis was the woman for him when he realized they had common interest in justice, civil rights, fishing, and hunting. Steve’s favorite things to plant are spinach, greens, tomatoes, green beans, asparagus and strawberries.

Karon Majeel Hatchett

Community Organizer, Karon Hatchett is a St. Louis native who began work with United People in January of 2019. Karon is passionate about addressing the persistent racism and inequities in the St. Louis region -- beginning with health and wellness. Karon knows that our diets and environmental factors have a direct impact on our health, wellness and quality of life; therefore, considers food justice a civil rights issue for communities of color and the under-served. Karon is passionate about the work she has done because United People is dedicated to addressing these issues and working with people to craft solutions and bring healing to our community. In addition to being our Community Organizer, Karon is also the Proud "parent" of "Big Duke", a 22-pound Maine Coon ginger tabby who was named for Duke Ellington, but acts more like Duke Wayne! Karon’s favorite thing about gardening is watching the seeds grow.