Our Mission

We are a St. Louis grassroots organization whose mission is to uplift and empower our neighborhoods through healthy food, human connection, and compassionate advocacy.  

To build a shared and beloved community.

To care in a whole and human way.

To show up and stand up for what is right.

To stir up hope in every circumstance.

Humanity First, Hope Despite Circumstances, Love in Action, Justice in Impact

We consider and tend to people’s humanity first. We hold ourselves and each other responsible for making sure everyone we reach is seen and treated as a whole person.

We strive to see and stir up hope despite the circumstances. We help each other believe in a better future and conceive of what it looks like. We approach every problem with optimism, innovation, and enthusiasm.

We demonstrate consistent, unconditional, and abundant love in our actions towards others. We choose to do and say what is honest, compassionate, and patient--even when, and especially when, it is difficult. We work to build trust and hold each other and ourselves accountable.

We work to see real justice realized in our impact. We are intentional and vigilant about seeing marginalized people free and thriving in lasting ways.

We envision a community in which all people are healthy, whole, thriving, and loving each other fully and unconditionally.