Programs Overview


United People strives to give people the knowledge and tools to take control of their own bodies and lives. Our education programs do this by teaching community members to grow, cook, and understand their food--and where it comes from. We’ll bring you out to our gardens, share and practice simple recipes with you, discuss nutrition, and introduce you to the people who grow and raise what you eat.

We have multiple programs for adults and youth:

After School & Summer Camps: Children learn how a tiny seed turns into a delicious vegetable and have a chance to grow their own produce and flowers. They will try exciting recipes made from fresh ingredients and learn what foods boost their mood or give them lasting energy. And as a bonus, field trips to City Museum, the zoo, six flags, and more!

Camps take place at the Wesley House Association, weekly during the school year and weekday mornings during the summer. See full schedule below and contact us to enroll.

Farm Camps: Kids take an overnight field trip to rural missouri and spend a night and a day on a farm. They will meet farmers and animals, engage in fun activities, and sleep under the stars.

Healthy Food Advocates: Our program for adults focuses on not just spreading knowledge, but raising community leaders. After attending weekly cooking demonstrations, as well as nutrition and gardening classes, you will be given your own materials to go on and lead a course in your own community.


Community Gardens: We have two gardens with space for you and your family to grow (and even sell) your own produce. As an urban gardener you'll get exercise, improve your diet, and connect with a loving community--all of which are scientifically proven to drastically increase your happiness and health. Not to mention the thousands of dollars you'll save in food costs and potential medical bills. We provide the land, the tools, the community, and the training. Just get in touch and we'll set you up.

Pop Up Markets: Taking the time and energy to go grocery shopping can be difficult, especially when there are so few good options in North County. United People’s Pop Up Market program brings healthy, affordable food directly to your neighborhood. We partner with churches and community organizations to allow community members to order groceries and have them delivered to a drop off location convenient to you. Find out more here.


United People believes that all injustices are connected and that the best way to fight poverty and oppression is with love and solidarity. We are always looking to partner with organizations and individuals to support each other and help each other make a difference in the world.

If you have a project that you want to work with us to accomplish or a way in which we can support your social change work, please get in contact and let us know! We always want to show up and stand up for what is right.